Full Potential

Full Potential

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3 Forms of Ego

This is meant to be more of an entertaining way to understand the Ego rather than a scientific breakthrough.

  • Me-Go: Exiting a situation. Separate from others. Translated into the feeling that “I don’t like this situation, I’m getting out of here.”
  • We-Grow: In harmony with others. “Together we lift each other up.”
  • Me-Show: Having something to show. Wants to make a point. Possibly superior. “Everyone look at me, I’m special.”

ME-GO is the form your Ego takes on when it wants to leave a situation. Also known as the ‘flight’ part of fight or flight. When you are trying to gracefully or not so gracefully exit a situation.

WE-GROW is the form the Ego takes when it’s harmonizing and merging with other Egos, like in a harmonic music jam or close teams.

ME-SHOW is when the Ego wants to take center stage and get all the attention. It often elevates itself above others. It has a point to make and wants to be recognized as superior in some way.

Rather than see yourself or others in one particular area, consider the Ego as being more fluid and spending time each day in one or all of these forms.

For example, when you post on social media .. that might be the time you’re in a ‘Me-Show’. However, when you connect with the people you love vulnerably you’re in ‘We-Grow’

And when you’ve just had enough socializing or you feel uncomfortable about being in a situation, you exercise your “Me-Go”.

For my partner Beka and I .. we have a more dominant form for sure: I’m probably in ‘Me-Show’ more than she is. And she is in ‘Me-Go’ more than I am. Especially when my ‘Me-Show’ is particularly strong and I’m in my full expression! When we recognize these truths and laugh about ourselves, we tend to find ourselves more in the ‘We-Grow’ space.