Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Dissolving into Love

To dissolve into love is to experience the oneness that we all return to.

And that in the moment is temporarily suspended in this idea of separateness so that we can carry out the illusion of getting to return home to ourselves for fun. Behind all of this and everything is love at its core and even though might be hard to image when life is especially harsh or cruel its only so we have a deeper appreciation for the love and unification process that happens when we dissolve the self into love.

May we all experience more love in our lives now as separate independent selves while slowly marching towards are reunification with love at the source and dissolving completely into that experience of returning.

The word death or dying may bring up fears but in reality if we knew we were dissolving into love, even if that meant everything we knew about ourselves would have to ‘die’ in order to do so, it wouldn’t be that scary. We would allow it. WE would surrender. We would be ready. Looking forward to it. To the experience of something that we ultimately want but go our whole lives not quite sure how to experience fully.

Dissolving into love is a kind of surrender. A letting go of strategies and tactics for love that are really just ways of not being fully vulnerable, trying to get something without giving up control over ourselves.

Dissolving into love is the act of letting o. Of surrendering. Of being part of something bigger than ourselves and recognizing our infinite oneness with all. Dissolving into love is the letting go of what we thought we knew or think we know about the future. Letting go and dissolving

When the self dissolves there is nothing but love.. the self is the barrier between the experience and love itself because the self is separate and just wants to be love.. but the self is the self for the very reason that it is not fully dissolved into this oneness yet. If it was dissolved into the oneness it would already be love and wouldn’t be a self.. individual and unique.. it would be pure love, whole and one and it would have no separate identity.. it would perceive itself to be love .. in an entirety .. the vision of love and all would be it and it would have no self referencing position to go self.. it would simply be love and all that it is is expansive and one and grand and great and not just in a locality but in a an everything position.

We are what we repeatedly do

We are what we repeatedly think

We are the patterns that are allowed to live

If we seek to dissolve into love

We are willing to let go of all that we think we are

And experience what we truly are.

And this process may come, if not in life in the great transition from this Earthly plan.

I do believe we need to prepare for it now by focusing on it and setting and intention to experience more love. I believe this life is a space to set intentions, devote ourselves to work towards it, and realize it doesn’t just automatically happen.

This is obviously true in the material sense but it also plays out more than ever in the spiritual realms. Our focus, our trajectory, our dedication and devotion to the highest path, to the experiencing of love at its highest frequency is what helps us throughout this life and beyond.