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Full Potential

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Waking Up in San Diego, And How I Stay on Top of Things While Traveling..

It’s a beautiful new day in San Diego. Just about to head up and visit a client in Irvine with Alice and Jay visiting from the Philippines.

I have been enjoying zipping around the US the last couple days and popping out into what feels like different portals every time I wake up.

We will be here for the next couple of days before I head up to Oregon to see my mom.

I feel like I have been able to be pretty consistent with my routine even while traveling and I think a lot of that has to do with how organized my phone is. Which equates to having an organized mind. Which leads to a pretty organized day even though I am traveling.

I use my mind map to organize my day and future travels & projects, and I refer to my Habits in Google sheets which I can also access offline.

Bottom line: Between planning time for the day and week ahead in my mind maps and referring to the habits I want to do consistently I stay pretty much on top of things even while traveling.