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Hello Full Potential family. I appreciate that you are here seeking positive programming to rewire your mind, deprogram from that which does not serve and make progress towards the life of your dreams.

I have just arrived back to United States for the first time in a long while. Presently staying in a hotel room in Las Vegas high over the strip.

This is the first time in a while being completely in my own company. I just didn’t realize how often I am around others either in the Village, or in relationships .. but today it feels like it’s all me today.

Which is actually awesome in some ways because I get to focus on me and my day exactly the way I want it to flow.

So that explains why I am doing this post.. it’s part of my daily routine. And I am doing my daily actions with timer. Listening to positive videos and affirmations. And actively taking steps towards the life I intend to dream into existence.

I met with a friend yesterday, Kyler. It’s been over 10 years since we saw each other. Kyler if you are reading this, thanks for showing up man, to Vegas, so we could connect during my 24 hour layover.

Kyler and I traveled to India together almost 20 years ago, and over the 3 months we were there, we shared a time together we won’t ever forget.

Being back in Vegas and meeting up with an old friend really helped me to see how much has changed. For me, for others. Really opens my eyes and see with more appreciation the contrast.

I am grateful for all the changes I have experienced. And feel like I have a lot to share in helping others in their journey.

For example, I have been talking about Full Potential Retreats for some time now and I see that now is the best time to start taking action towards making them a reality for people.

My little trick: I am organizing a team to help move these things forward. That’s the only way I have discovered to move forward consistently: build a team around it.

Mind mapping for clarity: The other thing that really helps for clarity is creating a mind map for clarity on steps to be taken with the central mind map being called ‘When’ .. asking the question of what is the flow of activities to be completed by when. Life is really just a ‘When’ in terms of flow of activities.

Key points:

– Traveling back to familiar places and seeing old friends really helps us remember how far we have come

– Building a team around the projects you want to move forward helps you plug into something more stable and move with consistency

– Creating clarity through mind mapping will help both you and your team.

Now is always a good time to move forward the things you really value.