Full Potential

Full Potential

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Committing to the Present

Wow what a journey it’s been over the last couple weeks. From Puerto Viejo to now back to Chirripo, Costa Rica. During this time I explored a three way relationship between two beautiful beings whom I have grown to care for deeply.

I see all of this as an experiment. And one of the most important takeaways was letting go of what we thought the future might look like and simply committing to the present.

In fact we all got rings and married ourselves to the present. As we went about our journey of exploration together full of twists and turns, sometimes all in, sometimes all out.. we remained true to simply being committed to the present.

At some point I found myself walking down the beach thinking to myself that even if everything crashed in the end, I would still be committed to myself and I would still find myself married to the now.

I can see how the greatest suffering comes from attachment to what is not present. Either wishing something from the past to be different or craving for some kind of security in the future. But ultimately when we can let go of attachments to anything not present, we enter into the flow and trust what is here now.

If we can commit to love, keep our hearts open and commit to the present.. whatever is meant to truly be there will last and everything else will fall away.

When we trust in the now, as a kind of gift from God. we will suffer less than we would have if we had remained attached to what is not meant to be for our journey.