Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Waking Up in the Matrix

A beautiful new day.. to wake up. To be alive. To make new choices. To create anew.

I have been in the US 4 days now and it feels like so much has changed from my time here a couple years ago.

Food is so readily available in so many places in such large quantities. Perhaps I have just gotten used to a more conservative eating style. And intermittent fasting. Even though I thought I was eating a lot.. I guess not.

While traveling it seems mostly available in bottles of water and small quantities.. making it less likely for one to be properly hydrated.

Being inside an enclosed box of a room and house reminds me how good I have it in nature. I have had to leave the house to ground in the sun and appreciate being outside. Being inside so much without much to look at leads one to go to the screen for stimulation. And that’s definitely not the best thing to do before bed.

All in all I feel like an alien visiting the US after having been away for so long and in a different routine. I can see how the environment really is shaping consciousness and behaviors and how you really have to maintain an outside the box perspective to breakthrough the matrix and make your own choices.

For you, reading this now, I really am grateful you are here, reading how to realize your Full Potential. I am super excited to start building on what I have observed here and offer Full Potential Retreats in Costa Rica to give people another perspective on how they can break through their environment and also band together and support each other in their evolution from no matter where they are.

Let’s continue to support each other and build up community around evolving consciousness beyond its present state and living a life of Zest, Passion, Aliveness and Health as a cornerstone.