Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

A Simple 3 Step Framework for Executing the Simple or Complex

Just arrived in Medford, Oregon, happy to be spending Thanksgiving with my momma!

It’s quite a temperature difference from San Diego to Oregon .. especially when that sun goes down, whew boy!

So now I am getting settled in here for the next few days and I thought while getting checked into the hotel I would do a Full Potential blog post 🙂

So today has been a pretty smooth travel flow. And last night I watched a Facebook video on how this a team was pranking several call centers in India that were known to scam people. A kind of karmic revenge / take down series that also provided specific information about the centers so that others could get involved in bringing them to justice.

The whole concept was really interesting. But the most valuable thing I took away from the video was how they framed their missions:

Team / Target / Plan

Before every mission they

1- Determibed who the team would be based on ability.

2- What they would be targeting (very specific)

3- Outlined a plan before they started rolling the camera.

I really like this frame work! When it comes to executing anything it really covers all the bases.

In the book ‘Good to Great’ it talks about how great company’s over good or average companies figure out their WHO first, then WHAT. Meaning they form great teams that can figure out the what they are going to do later. The WHO and WHAT is your team and then your targets.

Other words for target? Mission. Goals. Results. Outcomes.

After the WHO and WHAT is covered comes the plan. Or strategy for accomplishing the what. This is a step by step or task by task assessment of what needs to be done to hit the target.

Generally a good plan starts at a high level and chunks down into the smaller details so that how to execute is very clear. I like to use a mind map for this. And for team collaboration I have started to use Taskade and incorporate their mind map view.

Because I like alliteration another way of thinking about Team, Target and Plan is : Team, Target and Timing. Because ultimate all plans come down to WHEN is something going to be done. It doesn’t really exist unless it lives on a calendar or schedule somewhere with a precise time and place where it’s going to take place.

After watching the video and loving the simplicity of the framework I decided to revise my mind map into the three categories and break down all of my targets with Team, Target and Timing.

See example below

At the end of the day we are just playing with ideas until we can distill them down into actionable steps that lead to a desirable end result.

With a simple framework for organizing ideas and a simple system for organizing teams and executing what needs to be done.. you can work on just about anything you can imagine. Whether it’s a prank in a call center or building the next space company.