Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Fill Your Mind With Positivity Every Day.. And Soar Through Life

Welcome beautiful beings into this beautiful new day. I am here in Oregon visiting my mother for the next few days.

I woke up to the river and sunlight pouring through my window. I organized my thoughts on paper and started working through my routine, which leads me to this moment.

What could I possibly share that would make the biggest positive impact on your life? This is the question that drives each of these blog posts I do. And I believe that today that is the idea of filling your mind with positivity each day as you wake up.

I do this by downloading affirmations on YouTube as well as positive and motivational talks. That way whether I have internet or not I always have positive content loaded in my phone.

Then each morning as I stretch I listen to affirmations. Or I even say my own to myself over and over again.

And as I start exercising I shift into my positive motivation for the day.

It really helps me shift my mind out of any negative thoughts or concerns and start the day off on the most positive track possible.

When you can do this consistently every day.. your life will never be the same again. The most profound decision you can ever make is to insist your mind and your mouth will only carry positive vibrations. And if a stray though or word should infiltrate your thoughts or expressions, you catch yourself and immediately reframe it as something more positive.

This does not mean you deny a tough reality.. by avoiding it. It simply means you acknowledge the reality of what is in a more positive frame.

For example instead of saying, ‘Why does this X thing that’s bad, always happen to me?” You restate it as something like: “What’s the best way to resolve x thing so that I can have the best day possible?”

The shift is giving your brain positive frames and expectations about the future instead of negative ones.

Affirmations assert your true and desired reality. Positive framing and expectations lifts you into that desired reality. Before you know it you will be singing and dancing from this new vibration.

The vibration always existed there.. you just needed to know how to get there with focus and framing perspective to maintain it.

Happy flying!