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Full Potential

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How Do You Navigate the Longings of the Heart? Patience.

Good morning! It’s a great new day to be alive. All that we have ever lived behind us. All that we ever need is here. And the potential for any possibility ahead of us.

I write this as the sun comes pouring through the 2nd floor window of my hotel and the river glistens and flows below.

I am in longing for the people and furry animals I have waiting for me back home in Costa Rica.

And my heart is also joyous for the time I get to spend with friends and family here in the States.

And I guess that’s what today’s post is about. Navigating this longing.

Normally I am able to pick up and go wherever aI wish whenever I wish. This ability to do gives me a sense of instant satisfaction or relief depending on the purpose of the travel or action.

Except that now I have more of an itinerary I need to stick to in order that the others I an traveling with can be in a flow with me. And we are not just traveling for the pleasure of it but also we have some work we are here to accomplish.

This means that even though my heart longs to be reunited with those I love, I cannot just act on my impulse. I need to take my time: I need to be PATIENT.

Patience has not exactly been my strong suit. One of my strengths perhaps is in being impatient, making things happen now. Moving at a fast pace and creating the reality I want with a sense of urgency.

This has also been a weakness at times as it can lead to messes that need to be cleaned up and unnecessary waste.

Nevertheless SPEED has always had more advantageous it seems than drawbacks and so it has been my go-to strategy for making things happen.

Now that I cannot act on that speed, I am really being given this opportunity for spaciousness. To feel my heart. To navigate this longing. And while I don’t like it.. I also know it’s good for me.

Thank you universe for creating the right circumstances to feel through what I need to work on. I will appreciate this time I have left exactly where I am, while still looking forward to where I will soon be.

I will be grateful to experience this emotion as difficult as it is, with presence and gratitude and realize that underneath it all is love.

And that as love.. it doesn’t go anywhere and it doesn’t only come from specific places but that it’s everywhere.

And this patience will give me an opportunity to slow down and feel it deep within myself.

Thank you God as you assist me with patience, to navigate and feel the love deep within.

I wish for everyone reading this to also find the love deep within no matter what their circumstance.

Thank you for reading with me today. As I let the truth of what I am feeling be expressed. I hope you get value from everything I post. See you soon.