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Full Potential

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From Hopelessness to Hope: Imagine a Brighter Future Now

Good morning beautiful beings!

It’s a new day to be alive. To stretch. To exercise. To grow.

I am waking up in my mothers RV along a beautiful river. My dear friends and work allies just arrived from San Francisco today and soon we will be headed to Ashland where we have a couple cottages lined up to stay for the next few days.

I woke up with some solutions for young people this morning. I heard a statistic the other day that 40% or so it young people are feeling somewhat hopeless about the future , and I really feel it’s so important to exercise our imagination about what could be, in the brightest possible way.

To move from hopelessness to Hope simply requires imagining a brighter future now.

The brain is just doing it’s job trying to predict the future based on patterns from the past.. but that’s often a terrible way to use the imagination.

A much more conscious approach is through asking: WHAT IS POSSIBLE at the highest level of what has not even been realized yet?

In other words the power of imagination is in seeing that which has not been experienced. That which calls from the highest frequency and the highest possibility. From this place we anchor our imagination and move towards it with our actions.

When we can actually detect the light beyond our present shadow .. we have hope. And when we move towards it and it grows brighter, our faith strengthens with it.

So imagine the brightest future you can, now. And trust that taking steps towards it will interrupt old patterns and free you from the dross of the past. It’s the only way forward.. out of the survival brain’s limited imagination and faulty assumptions.