Full Potential

Full Potential

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Life and the Art of Being

Rise and shine Full Potentialites. A new day is upon us!

It’s 5:30 am and COLD where I am here in Shady Cove, Oregon. And also beautiful here on the river. Up early and feeling driven to move, to do, to create. To flow.

My heart is heavy though as it’s been a while now since I have been home. I miss my doggies, and I miss my loves.

I am just counting the days of my return. And also doing all that I can to enjoy and make the most of my time here with mom. I never know how much time I am going to have with her so every moment is precious.

And that really feels like the focus of today’s post, truly appreciating what you have now. It can sound so cliche after hearing it so many times but it really can’t be said enough.

Change is inevitable, all is temporary. At this moment some things may be flowing out from your life and yet new things are flowing into it as well. New people, energy and experiences.

We can grow very attached to the way things were but with constant practice and constant reminding we can exist in a higher state of trust.. all is working out and working through us.

It’s natural to want to avoid pain.. the pain of loss or longing .. and this can be a real motivator too. To connect or really appreciate the connections you already have.

Then of course the flip side of this is the joy of what’s showing up in your life and the happiness for what is available.

Life is the dance of letting go of what has now become the ‘past’ and embracing and appreciating what is now showing up as the ‘new’.

The more we can be in lock-step with that dance, in the eternal present.. letting go swiftly while embracing WHAT IS, wholeheartedly, the smoother it goes and the more we can enjoy this dance.

I wish you all the happiness and joy the present has to offer, all the beauty and wisdom you can extract from the past and all the excitement the future possibilities has for you.

  • This is so real. The dance of the past and the unknown of the future. I’ve found solace in your words in a dark time.
    May blessings find you in the ether

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