Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

The pain of separation. The glorious rediscovery of unity. Is that not why we are here?

In the pain of separation things feel incomplete and striving towards something feels the most natural.

In the unity everything as it should be and in completeness there is no need to be, do or have anything.

The oscillation between deep love and feelings of separation can occur rapidly and almost seemingly violently.

Like the waves of a stormy sea that in one moment appear to dance in unison and in the next, come crashing together.

It is in this alchemy we experience the fullness of life and love. The rediscovery of love would not be possible without the pain of separation.

If we existed in a state of unity, we might wish to experience separation just so we can appreciate the experience of coming together again.

The longing is a normal part of the process even though it can feel like suffering for a time. The pain of heart break is the fire of separation that burns and feel like hell.

These concepts come to life in the dance. And though we might try our best to avoid them, they are an inevitable part of the process of discovery, growth and the complete remembering of ourselves as the creator of them in the first place, at some point down the universal line. Not just in concept but in full experience.

What are we to do with such a dance? Savor the joys of coming together, accept the fire in your hearts as you come apart, experience the journey that will lead you back together again.

Do not agonize in the fire and resist the fate the befalls us all. Separation is temporary. Unity is temporary. At least in this realm of change. Where elements come together and fall apart to form new things.

Alas, we, made up of these same elements, shall observe the coming together and falling apart.. for the time we have here.

See with curiosity each stage of the process. Strive for oneness and love .. as separation takes care of itself.

Shorten the cycles of separation through a devotion to the experience of love and experience more of yourself as whole.

Love through anger. Keep your heart open through suffering. Trust in the openness on the other side and find yourself there again and again in shorter cycles of time. Experience longer periods of unity, shorter periods of separation. And above all, do your best to enjoy the dance in all its phases and know you are never lost, for love is always uniting us all even if we cannot feel it for a time.