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Full Potential

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From Scarcity to Abundance: Change the System

Good morning Full Potential beings. May this new day fill you with the light and love of healing and may you shine your gifts upon the world.

Today we find ourselves still in Miami. We were about to fly out yesterday but our bag was 10 lbs over weight and they were going to charge us $100 extra dollars in bag fees.

Apparently this is the new strategy of airlines especially low budget: charge very low ticket prices and get you for the bags and weight.

Ticket prices are what people are paying a lot of attention to. But bag weights and costs, not so much.

It’s a tricky game and ultimately yes they win on technicality (weight / size of bag). But unfortunately at the cost of many who cannot actually afford it. The sad, disgruntled or fearful customers that must now take on the unexpected fees to keep moving forward in their travels is an unfortunate reality.

And in our case when we got back to the counter after taking out some items, we were now past the 45 minute cut off. Then we had to book an overnight room, two Uber trips AND Alexandria lost her phone in the car and the Uber driving will bring back for $65 (from home home that’s the rate)

So instead of saving the $100 on an over weight bag we end up spending like $200 or $300 more.

These kind of unexpected expenditures were rampant in my travels over the last couple weeks here in the US. I just couldn’t believe how much everything had gone up .. from groceries to restaurants to overnight stays. Including all the extra fees now being tacked onto things.

I feel for the people that struggle to make ends meet. I am in a position where I can still cover all these things and make my way home but what about the people that must go deeper into debt to pay for the increasing costs?

The struggle, the stress and the growing financial pressure is real. I say all this not to reflect a reality you may already know, but to draw attention to the need for a change in how we operate. To focus on a solution.

Customer service is about making the experience better for the one paying. That has eroded into profiting from customer ignorance. How can we shift consciousness to adding more value. The spirit of service is to provide value to the one in need. And true service is finding ways to add value beyond what you are being paid for. There is no distinction between a customer or non-customer, there is only those in need and people we can help.

Right now even the ‘non-profits’ that want to help are seemingly constrained by the funds they have available to do good. And in many cases more of those funds go to the administration than to actual causes. And governments too— those in. Barge inflate the budgets on things and inefficiently manage funds that could be used for more good.

How do we turn a system like this around .. or establish a parallel system of greater benefit? By first moving out of survival consciousness.

So long as there is fear for survival there is a constraint. A contraction. A limitation. An ethos is born out of this that says, ‘do the least for the most’ which just gives rise to strategies for extraction.

To subdue the survival mind we need to be in a place where we feel like our basic needs will be met no matter what. This requires knowing what our basic needs are and how to meet them, not just on an individual level but system-wide.

Food, water, basic shelter, community, transportation and healthcare. These are the basic needs. And if we can somehow work together to make these things as efficient, low cost or even free on some level .. we will begin to dissolve the fear for survival and redirect our consciousness to higher aims.

I believe it is in our Soul’s nature to serve. It feels the most alive and happy when it is purposeful and of value. This is why many people’s Soul longs to be in a place of service and expression. And finds outlets for doing so even if it’s not being paid. The intrinsic reward is where we find true happiness in doing.

The survival brain puts up a strong fight against these notions of higher service until it feels like it’s needs will be taken care of .. now and in the long term. And for some, even with a significant accumulation of money and resources it still doesn’t relax. It’s all a matter of perspective.

If you believe you will be alright no matter what you have won a great victory over your survival brain. And can shift towards service.

Some see this believing we will be ok as ignorant, or naive at best. That we cannot have faith that everything will be okay in the world we live in. Even things like ‘social security’ are crumbling and unsustainable. Where is the security?

In the Bible Jesus, speaks of having no thought of the morrow.. be like the birds and fish that nature just has a way of taking care of things.

But when you see images of the homeless or kids in the 3rd world struggling, your survival instinct says a little thoughtful planning and resource managing might be required to make life more comfortable.

So what is the right method of philosophy, to correctly lift the millions perhaps billions of people in this world out of lack, limitation and fear into greater abundance? Through the a system-wide unleashing of people’s full potential and desire to be of greater service.

I believe this begins with moving into the heart more, meditating more, reflecting and writing more and answering the Soul’s calling that comes through intuition. It’s finding a way to reward those that add a lot of value to society in ways that go beyond packaged products and services sold in the marketplace.. gifting those people who do well, with more currency.

There is no lack of capital or energy in this world. There is just mismanagement of its flow. Gifting people who do nothing and starving those who could do more. We need to shift into rewarding those who play in the new game of gifting, serving and shifting humanity towards abundance.

Helping at the most basic level with their needs, providing education and direction on where people’s time and talents will be most effective and useful.

It’s not just running them through an assembly line of factory education, cranking out kids like commodities but a thoughtful dialogue about the needs of society and the gifts of its members and finding the right places for everyone. And automating the lowest, most mind numbing work with the technology available to do it.

We are working on these solutions and invite others to join us. I am releasing an app I have been working on for a few years now hopefully next month and testing out ways to meet basic needs at the village level (hyper-local).

If we can create even one example with sufficient critical mass per hyper-local system (100 people model or 1,000 or 10,000 ?) we can easily teach others , duplicate and scale.

I see us all being able to serve our core mission on this Earth. To have the basic life support we need to make that happen. To free ourselves from a broken or inefficient system that perpetuates scarcity rather than abundance. We all have the power in our hands and hearts now to make this better system a way or life for all on this Earth.. we just have to believe it’s possible and put our life force energy into its implementation.