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Full Potential

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Taking Control of Your Attention

Hello Full Potential Beings seeking to live the highest and best version of self today.

I am currently driving in an Uber from Hollywood to Miami. And the Uber driver immediately starts playing an audible romance novel on the drive.

I needed to take back control of my attention, so I put on my headphones and start playing one of the affirmation videos I downloaded on YouTube.

This is not the first time I have needed to take back control of my attention. I also have an eye mask and ear plugs at the ready when I need to rest, on the spot. I can unplug and drop inside.

Attention is your most precious resource, so it makes sense to have strategies for how and where you want to direct it.

Imagine if someone could just control where your money went without your say so, it would feel invasive and cross a boundary. Now why is it any different with your attention? Even more valuable than money.

So yes.. what can you do to control your attention more? In a conscious and consistent way? To put good info into your ears, into your mind, into your consciousness so that good things come out of it!