Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Wake Up and Rise Up!

Hello beautiful Being, seeking to improve your life and evolve. Thank you for being here today.

I wake up in Hollywood, Florida and today is my last full day in the US for a while. Headed back to Costa Rica tomorrow.

We are about to go visit an outsourcing client in Del Ray and I would like to go experience Art Basel. I have a couple friends I would like to see before I go. But it’s hard to be in multiple places at once- for now! đŸ˜‰

Every day I wake up I like to immediately do something physical. Push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks. It helps lift me out of whatever state I am in.

When I wake up sometimes there’s no telling how I will feel from the night before. Either because of something I ate.. or if I ate too late, which I try not to do. Or because of dreams I have had that may have impacted my emotions on a subconscious level.

But when I wake up and start my day the same.. with water, with exercise, with writing.. with a list of positive things. No matter what state I am in, I return to a default high.

That’s why I love my morning routine. And that’s why I love to see others take some time out for themselves in the morning. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

No matter what you have going on.. try to start your day right. Make a list of things you want to do each morning to lift your spirits and start your day off in a way that will help you feel and be your best.

That’s why you are reading this right now. Writing is just part of my daily routine and it’s just one of the ways I get to serve.