Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Clarifying, Committing and Seeing Them Through..

Hello Full Potential beings, welcome to this glorious new day of life. Breathe. And be full of knowing, What a gift this is.

Just finished a call regarding the launch of the Cora Nation app. It’s been in development for years and I hope FINALLY ready for release.

In the past I haven’t always been able to commit to projects and see them all the way through. So it’s new to commit to something for multiple years with no pay off, and still no clear way to return the investment .. it’s just important enough to do, so I did it.

And that brings us to an important question..

What projects or missions can you follow through on that really feel core to your purpose on this planet? Regardless of cost, what are you ready to commit to following through on?

Having clarity on this will help you feel inspired every day. Like you are hear for a purpose. A reason that lights up your Soul. And even if it takes longer than you expected or die before you see it complete, at least you had clarity on what’s important enough to invest your life force energy and other resources. And that alone is worth the while.

If you aren’t sure yet, just make a list of things that come to mind and rank them in order of excitement and importance.

Then really try to get clear on what you’d have to do next (say the next 3 things) to move that project or mission forward.

Example of priorities and top 3 things to move them forward.

So pick your top 3 missions or projects and know the top 3 things for each to move forward.

Then all you have to do is schedule the three things .. or find someone competent to do them (if you need help).

Once you start taking those little steps towards the most important things in your life you will feel much more empowered and thus, happy as well.

Use this simple method to tap into your power as a creator. I like to incorporate mind maps into the mix for a visual way to see what I have prioritized for focus.

Try it out yourself and see where you might need help. Feel free to let me know in comments below if anything is not clear or could be better explained.

Happy creating!