Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Creating from the Highest Place

Hello Full Potential Beings and good morning. It’s a beautiful start to the day here at Zen Village where I have finally arrived back after my travels for 2 and a half weeks in the US.

We got back on Monday and I have been getting settled and reconnecting with friends, families and teammates.

The doggies were so excited to see me. We have 2 dogs and 5 cats and everyone seemed thrilled (well the dogs mostly) but also Avo the cat.. that we were back 🙂

Last night was full moon and we did a deep dive into not only our musical expression but the exploration of two kinds of systems ultimately.


One system deals with the laws of profit and are constructed in ways to help those who use them yield maximum profit / extract energy from the system.

The second deals with divine law and the sovereign rights of every individual. It takes one’s labor and energy outside of the system of extraction and gives them freedom and autonomy to gift and exchange with others in a free jurisdiction.

As I study the structure for both, and a structure is necessary to play in both – I am once again fascinated by the power of words to both free or bind. It is our words and use of language that literally constructs the matrix and the system that enslaves. It is also words that can free us from this matrix and create a new world that is truly more free and loving.

Much power remains untapped unless and until we believe. It is our beliefs about everything that is the core of our reality construction.

Words are the raw materials. How they are put together is the building. And beliefs bring it to life, keep it alive, or allow it to crumble.

It is my hope that we can collectively work together to allow old ways of being to crumble and new and better ones to rise. That we can be clear and transparent in our language so that all is in the light.

We are meant to live a life more aligned with a divine law.. one that is connected to the most high and pure power. From there we are creating from love as God would intend to have us create from and both our existence and our creations are simply magical.

More on how we can all be apart creating something amazing together soon. For now consider how you can apply this concept of highest alignment in your own life. Freeing yourself from the shackles of language in every regard. Maintaining the highest perspective and the most limitless beliefs to explore. Stepping out of every box until you can just be in a spaciousness and re-choose where you want to be or create anew.

In this total freedom to believe, to see, to position or create from love and highest alignment you are remembering your power as the creator and capable of contributing in the highest way, while enjoying the magic of this experience, in the ultimate dream scenario.