Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Playing Full Out .. While Trusting In a Higher Will

Hello Full Potential Beings .. it’s another beautiful day here in Chirripo.

I am so thankful and blessed to be back home with family and friends. And for the reconnection between me, Emma and Alexandria. AND they are more open to sharing our story of how our love is unfolding which is exciting because I really feel it can help a lot of people.

While there seems to be a lot of energy involved in navigating the dynamics of living each other openly while also being as free as we want to be.. the rewards are infinitely great as well.

To achieve what you truly desire in relationship, without settling or being afraid to ask for what you want.. without hiding or deceiving the one you are supposed to love.. requires great courage and vulnerability.

To even know what you want and what you stand for requires a lot of self reflection and clarity. And confidence to stand for what you believe even if it means losing what you have, if what you have is truly not aligned with your highest desires.

And being able to discern highest desire from lower desire takes a willingness to feel into desire without judgement and be patient without acting on it. And when acting on it, from a place of open communication and compassion first.

I believe it’s too easy to simply settle. Or not communicate. Or hide one’s true intentions, it’s easy but not truly satisfying and it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s in our highest.

I believe if we want to play the game full out it’s going to take all of our being. It does require a lot of energy to create the life we want and that’s the point. We have a near infinite capacity to create and we have to be WILLING to stand in our truth and do what’s necessary to create the life of your dreams.

While also surrendering to a higher will that may deliver what you truly want in ways that are even better than you can imagine.