Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Fulfillment at The Highest Level – Aligning with Divine Love

Happy New Day, Full Potential Beings. It is with great joy and respect that I write to you every day. Knowing that you are someone seeking to improve your life and my words might help you in your journey.

I just took some magic mushrooms and I am partaking in a mushroom ceremony soon. I decided to go to the bathroom and organize my life a bit, which included doing a blog post 🙂

So what are you excited and grateful for in life right now? It’s all a matter of focus. The great I AM awareness is simply giving itself some direction. You are this great I AM.

Whoever you pretend or believe yourself to be.. to an extent it’s absolutely true. How else do you know what you are except what you believe? Based on the evidence and plethora of experiences around you that you interpret and construct into some story that makes sense.

This means we are incredibly free to interpret, construct and form our own opinion of ourselves. And it seems that the material reality slowly but surely follows suit.

Hand in hand with this formation is our intuition which knows who we are and where we are going long before our logical mind gets it.

In fact so many times it feels like my logical mind is just trying to catch up to what my intuition already knows. As I plod along trusting in the destination my mind is constantly surprised by the twists and turns that reveal the paths I am on. The characters and dream signs , and deja vu experiences that show to me what I already know: I am in a dream and on some level, constructing all of it.

It’s just from this small ‘I’ of individual perspective that I am learning to trust, merge, and melt with this higher reality. For so much of my existence I was handed down beliefs, either from the society and parents before me or the instinctive hardwiring equipped to deal with different times.

It’s up to ME to discern beyond these programs, to seek the higher awareness and version of self that helps align me with a greater unfolding. To trust in this unfolding with all my heart and enjoy the journey to the max!

If it is all a dream, surely it is meant to be entertainment for the creator who would otherwise be all powerful with nothing to experience. So we should see to it that we enjoy ourselves. And that enjoyment is taking place on the highest levels of fulfillment.

For how can we truly enjoy ourselves unless we tap into fulfillment at the highest levels of a pure and good existence. Beyond surface level, and superficial pleasure but alignment at the level closest to divine love.