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Full Potential

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The Evolution of I Am

Good morning Full Potential Being. Rise and greet the new hour. A new day and a new time is upon us.

I woke up this morning with some interesting dreams plus one interesting idea that came through that I would like to share here.

The idea is that you are not just your name. More accurately, you are your name + time. For example it would be more accurate to say that I am not just James, I am James November 26 2022 3:41 AM and 29 seconds. That’s my name at this moment.

And in this paragraph I am James November 26 2022 3:42 AM and 22 Seconds.

In other words I AM constantly changing and unless I include some kind of time stamp as I describe my identity I am not nearly as accurate as I could be at describing who I am.

I am more than just a label.. I am a label plus a time marker.

Now obviously this may not be so practical in the every day world – to register my new name every nanosecond .. but it is a very interesting way to view one’s self as ever changing and forever in the moment.

Your past versions are just that.. past. Your present version is the most up to date and accurate version of who you are. And up to the tiniest ways of measuring time, it keeps changing. Keeps evolving. Keeps updating.

This idea is very useful when you consider how identified one can become with their name. If using only their name with no time stamp connected to it they can be sold on the illusion that they are the same or roughly the same as their were in the past as there is no distinction in the label.

Just as wines are measured in years. So too can your identity measured across time in the smallest divisible time metric. This liberates you to see that you are not locked into who you might think you must be .. but who you THINK you are. From one moment to the next.

You can use this idea if identity + plus time , to distinguish newer forms of being from your older self and reinvent, recreate , re-experience yourself from a new perspective. And allow yourself to do the same for others.

Note that whoever you are meeting now is not the same. Be present to the differences. Forgive their earlier versions of self. And allow yourself to see them with fresh eyes.

Obviously this can be taken too far.. this doesn’t mean to let someone off the hook for past deeds. As they might use this earlier version of self as a scapegoat. ‘It was James + Past Time Stamp’ but I’m a new man! Rather it’s a most useful tool for recognizing one’s own self as ever changing and different and we can only do our best to see others as they truly are. Not for who they say they are. But for how we see them in the present. While also considering that most people don’t change so dramatically from one moment to the next but that they CAN. And that it’s possible a person can immediately learn from mistakes or their journey on Earth and be forever changed in a way where you are not dealing with the same version. There is still the chance that people are influenced by the brain and it’s tendencies to repeat patterns even when the Soul inside doesn’t have to if it remains present at the experience and conscious of its evolution.