Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Moving Gracefully Through the Life Dream

Good morning dear Soul ready to unleash it’s Full Potential today.

I just woke up with several dreams on top of mind. I love being able to remember my dreams. Many of them don’t make any sense at all and I think that just reveals how non-linear / cryptic the messages of the universe can be.

I feel often times I do see many hints that this life is just a dream and are we awake enough to see it?

I have doubted whether reality is so easily molded but I have seen countless examples of where if one just maintains a dream, intensifies it and controls attention towards it .. they DO shift reality. I can speak of this first hand.

It’s not that reality gives me exactly what I was visualizing or affirming.. often it’s even BETTER than I could imagine.

But sometimes it’s more fleeting than I wanted. I experience this amazing experience that I dreamt in my imagination would come to pass.. and soon it gives way to other life experiences.

It’s like life is saying.. here’s what you dreamed, but nothing is forever. There’s a current if reality that is sweeping up everyone and everything with it .. whether we like it or not.. CHANGE, TEMPORARINESS, and the UNIVERSAL FLIW is more powerful than any dream in the grand scheme of things.

Perhaps it is vital and necessary to the dream experience that change exist, otherwise we fall in love with a certain section of the dream and we never want to leave. We never get to grow. We never get to experience the dream in its entirety because we fall in love with our favorite section and never want it to change.

Change then forces us, sometimes kindly and graceful especially if we are willing to let go and accept the change at the pace of change.. or sometimes seemingly violently especially if we have not read the earlier signs and cling to our preferred section of the dream not seeing the bigger picture and not trusting the bigger plan.

Appreciation for what’s here now. Dreaming of a brighter future. Acceptance of change. Letting go of attachments to allow for something greater to grow. Trusting in the greater plan. Seeing the bigger picture – All of these practices help us to move through the dream more gracefully, in co-creation and yet humble enough to recognize a greater power at work.

I am grateful you are reading this at this point in your dream. I hope it helps you to wake up some more and find more peace even amidst what can sometimes feel like chaos. We are in this dream together, let’s make the most of it for the highest and best good of all. I believe that is part of the greater plan and we will only be rewarded for our efforts to contribute to it: LOVE