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Full Potential

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Lean Into Life

Good afternoon on this beautiful Sunday here in Chirripo, Costa Rica. I hope wherever you are you are thriving.


Today’s post is about helping you do more of just that.. to thrive. And I don’t ever really know the direction its going to go until I start putting fingers to keys and feel into what would be the greatest gift I could share today.


I feel whats coming through is something around independence and sustainability. The power one feels when they are independently sustainable.. and this is a feeling on many levels but primarily lets say it starts with sexual energy.


To not feel like you NEED something out side of yourself to feel whole, which includes even food sustainability.. to feel like you recognize the dependence you have on food and that perhaps this is not always going to be the case .. that we depend on energy from the Sun and that the Sun is the ultimate source of fuel and nutrients for all of our sustainability. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the sun.


From there its emotional independence to feel as though we are whole and not needing approval or validation or for anyone to do a certain thing for our hearts to feel complete.. this idea of romantic love can also leave us clinging to the approval and validation and intimacy with another when in fact we can take a step back from this idea and simply be .. and observe the feelings and if there are feelings that say I don’t want to feel this way and the only way to not feel this way is through another.. then look at that and reflect.. is it really something I cannot feel through on my own? Perhaps I can just get into a more beautiful energy on my own and then magnetize others? And likewise, I’m magnetized by the beautiful energy of others and perhaps I don’t need anyone or anything to really make my emotions go away but I just want to celebrate life with more people that are happy and positive! And the more I can get away from this idea that anyone needs to do something to make me happy the closer I get to he reality that I’m already in the field of where happiness is possible and if I just tap into it I’m this light, I’m this wonder, I’m this positive being that lights up others. Then we reflect each other’s positive energy and its more enjoyable together. We come together not because we have to, but because we want to. And the wanting comes from a state of happiness that we can co-create even more of it together. It can be easy.


Lets also look at jealousy together.. it comes from a place of lack.. a place of scarcity, same with envy. I don’t have enough, if i did I wouldn’t be jealous of you taking what little I feel I have away. If I can understand the abundance I have available to me and trust that there are things over the horizon that I can’t even see I wouldn’t be in such states of lack or scarcity I would simply trust that if something isn’t here any more that I valued that there are more things I value over the horizon, I just can’t see them yet.


I truly have to trust and believe that I will be provided for by the things I cannot even see and that I will be able to sustain myself from those things and that I won’t go hungry and that I won’t be limited. In actuality losing things might be a great gift. Creating spaces for the things I really want. And if I cling to the things that aren’t really serving me fully, I don’t have the space the the things that can serve me more fully.


Understanding and trusting that there is something greater at work here.. that its working right now, and its leading to something greater and greater all the time is the ultimate kind of perspective for trust. This perspective allows you to just let life play out and when you lose things you value you can say this is creating space or this is opening up or this is challenging me into that something greater.. and with that spirit of trust and magnetism towards a higher frequency you will continue on your journey to that destination And you will feel alive and overcome most obstacles in flying colors.


So to thrive, is to lean into life.. to feel the intensity to not avoid anything including loss and to trust that more is being revealed and it will only make sense after you go through what feels like trials and adversities. It may be hard to see this while you’re in the fire but if you can trust that on the other side of that fire is something beautiful you’ll continue to lean in and arrive at something beautiful faster. This is what it means to thrive. Lean into life and be surprised by its beauty.

You are beautiful. Enjoy your day.