Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life


Good morning on this beautiful day. Happy to be alive and breathing.

Woke up this morning early to see Zenith off to the airport. The car wouldn’t start as the battery had run out of juice yesterday during our Improv Play.

So today after several attempts at starting it and with the window of time closing for her to catch her flight 3.5 hrs away in San Jose (CR), we both just trusted the universe had some different plans for her today.

We hadn’t entirely given up on the idea of her still making her flight. We contacted a few people to come and jump the car. And there was one person who had messaged last night about a possible lift when she had posted to the community group.

When she messaged this morning Amber (the gentleman who offered the ride) was just leaving, from our same location not more than a couple minutes from us.

Zenith eagerly agreed to run the extra 10 minutes to meet up with them and proceeded to run faster than I had ever seen her go to meet up with the car. The dogs, Luna and Sol, on close pursuit. This meant I also needed to run after her, to fetch the dogs.

So after this whole crazy morning start, she is now pleasantly on her way to the airport, I have the dogs and I am writing this post from my phone as the sun rises over the mountain.

What I am inspired by in all of this is our immediate trust that where one path was blocked another was open and if we just kept looking for it or remained open to whatever IT meant, even if it meant changing her flight dates.. we were going to find the path she was meant to take.

So if you find a path blocked, don’t give up but also relax in knowing, perhaps you are just meant to go a different way!

That’s it for today. Happy Sunday! Today is soccer day so now I have to figure out how to get to the field 🙂