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Full Potential

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Yes Or No?

Good morning on this beautiful day. Another day to celebrate being alive. Breathe in deep and remember, that this is a gift. And everything you experience from here is a bonus.

So today I woke up with more insight into the simplicity of yes or no. I notice myself not starting something, pausing or delaying something when I lack the clarity to say yes or no. But when everything gets boiled down to a yes or no it becomes very easy to move forward.

In every moment we are presented with options. For example even as I awoke this morning feeling like I might have caught a little cold or something from yesterday, I had the options of staying in bed, getting up, drinking water, going to the bathroom .. and I could literally feel these options being weighed out and whichever one got the yes was my next action.

I know this seems so very simplistic and that’s because it is! Think about it, any new information you learn will only take you on a new track IF you say YES to it. Or stays the same if you say YES to the same things. By the same token your life also changes when you suddenly start saying NO to things you used to say YES to.

So the point here is if you can boil things down to questions and then just say yes or no to them.. you can advance. Not too much thinking. The thinking is what slows us down. If the question is complex and you don’t have a clear yes or no, you simply hesitate. They call this analysis paralysis – where you simply look at the situation but don’t do anything with it.


Are you ready to experiment today? Yes or No

What seemingly complex situation can you boil down into a series of simple yes or no answers that start moving you forward?

Try turning a problem or challenge into a simple yes or no scenario.

If you have a team that you delegate things to, see if they can boil problems down into yes or no.. and even if they present you with options, if the options are crystal clear it’s easy to say yes or no to move them forward.

No matter how complex the situation it can be boiled down with this simple approach. And no matter how seemingly small the question, if you can at least start moving forward .. by saying YES to the direction you want to go, you will begin a shift. This shift will open up new possibilities, new questions, new options.. new things to say YES or NO to.. which will continue to move you.

Being conscious of this flow will enable you to be aware in every action.. Yes or No? đŸ™‚

May you continue to have a glorious day as you experiment with this little practice of being aware of all the things you say Yes or No to today. And boil down seemingly complex problems into a series of yes or no answers followed by action.