Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Fulfilling Desires & Relaxing to the Core

Good morning on this beautiful new day.

With each new day comes an opportunity to get clear on what we want and what we don’t want.
It seems the more clear we can be on what we want, why we want it, specifics on what we want and desire or commitment level, and the time it may take – the more likely we are to manifest it in our lives.

For example just feel into yourself and randomly make a list of all the things you want to experience in your life.. then sort it from:
1. Most specific
2. Most desirable (with reasons)
3. Most immediate vs long term
Then start working on that top thing: the thing that’s very specific, you have a strong desire for and can be met in the next few minutes.

For example it might be as immediate as just having a glass of water. Once I satisfied that desire I could then work down the list to my longer term desires. But each thing I desire having been realized, is building momentum and satisfying wants a long the way .. that if rightly chosen, will create a feeling of fulfillment.


I say rightly chosen because it’s very easy to think we want some things only to realize that they don’t add to our happiness, our feelings of beauty and the like. So we want to choose things that really move us towards feeling more beautiful inside and out. To feel more grace and God in our lives. To appreciate goodness, kindness, nobleness, etc. This requires accessing the desires of our highest self. That’s what I mean by rightly choosing.

And of course also giving counsel to your body.. to the primitive desires that want to be expressed. After-all its hard to hear what your higher self desires if your body is starved or neglected in any way. I believe there’s a way to openly express and meet all or most of our desires, when done in the light, including sexual ones. When clearly communicated, consented to and ultimately when we observe how we feel after we meet a desire to see if it’s truly good for our Soul. We don’t want to repeat the process of meeting a desire only to feel horrible afterwards. But as my younger self can attest, its often necessary to experiment and make mistakes to discover what you truly want.


When we desire something that is not present it can create a tension. Now this can be a good or bad tension depending on whether we are excited about the thing we are desiring or craving it and suffering along the way. It’s all about the experience we are having in the now. For most people unmet desire feels like an uncomfortable tension or stress. This tension or stress can get buried beneath the surface, especially if it doesn’t feel possible to satisfy the root of that tension which is ultimately a desire.

There’s only two ways to reduce tension: really, honestly and truly let go of the desire, or meet the desire.


When we actually fulfill on desires this reduces tension. This reduction in tension makes it easier to relax. And as we relax, we actually start to melt. And melting is where all the dormant feelings that want to rise to the surface starts to happen.. and if we allow them, if we melt into those feelings as well.. we begin to sink deeper and deeper into relaxation, melting into bliss. A feeling of everything is perfect and only getting better.


This is one reason why Osho in his dynamic meditation practice suggested we get all repressed energy out. Jumping up and down.. dancing, singing, screaming, yelling.. even having sex is a way to release the energy that is stored up in the primal self.. after having had expression allows participants to relax and sink deeper into meditation.


Buddha also saw a Middle Way after struggling to reach enlightenment by extreme fasting and denial of the body’s desires. This Middle Way caused him to lose his more extreme followers her thought his was losing his will power to realize nirvana. When in reality he was finding more enjoyment on this plane WHILE seeking the beauty on a higher plane.


The only other way to reduce the tension is to let go of desire completely. To choose a higher desire. The key here is to be really true with oneself and not pretend like you have given up desires when you haven’t. Remember the tension will just be lurking beneath the surface, or you may have substituted one craving for another. You may have found an ideal that is more socially or morally acceptable to you to crave, but the dynamic is still the same: you are in craving of something that doesn’t exist or cannot be met right now and therefore suffering. Let go of the desire or make progress towards meeting it.. these are the only ways to experience more fulfillment.


Ironically, when we seek spiritual growth and enlightenment so bad we are willing to sacrifice and martyr our existence at the physical level, this is just another form of craving. So we suffer. What is needed for an enjoyable life while aspiring to reach its greatest heights is a combination of discernment / wisdom, discipline and devotion. Not to lose oneself in their desires but rather, to use fulfillment of desire in intelligent ways that allow the vehicle to relax more deeply as consciousness enjoys the experience, grows in awareness and expands into more and more beautiful feelings. After-all isn’t the goal of anything to feel better than we do now?

Simply giving ourselves permission to feel better is a step forward in our evolution. Releasing shame or guilt around feeling better will release a lot of unnecessary suffering and help us become more relaxed as a society in general. So go ahead, give yourself permission to find your own best ways to MELT into joy. When you do, you’ll be in such a high state you won’t have the time or desire to judge or criticize others for how they go about realizing their own happiness.