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Full Potential

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Meditation: the Inward Journey for Truth

Happy Monday. Today’s positive post seems to revolve around meditation.

The idea that if one let go of external fixations of happiness and simply goes within and seeks to better understand internal processes, to arrive at the point of understanding love. Understanding God. Understanding fulfillment. To get to the CORE of the Self rather than be driven by the self, or a program. To get to the core and to reveal that true nature to self. To become aware on a deep level. Beyond the words. Beyond the thoughts. Simply to observe with the naked awareness, the raw emotions and life force .. the source. To be clear that there is nothing higher than being able to connect with love at the source. To connect is to be worth the pursuit, the seeking, the focus. That there is a driving desire to realize that inner harmony and love deep inside and that nothing can stop it. And that its graceful enough to wait many lifetimes if necessary before you finally begin the journey toward inward surprise.

To finally answer the mystery of what it is it that is behind all of this. Who am I in relation to it and am I it? Inward focus is an intuitive journey. one that is initiated by the self for the self. Nothing else can really create that hunger until one has exhausted the outward for signs of happiness and determines that all that one seeks is probably within .. rather than giving up on life, utilizing life as an opportunity and a platform to dig deeper within.

You see sometimes people when they realize there isn’t much hope in satisfying happiness through external means, wallow in the sorrow of the discovery and give up.. perhaps in some cases ending their own life. But that’s why I say this desire for oblivion is actually a step in the positive direction. To destroy the old self.. or rather, to let it go.. and pursue the infinite depths of the inner realms for answers.. with an eye on truth, love and kindness towards one self and towards this expanded concept of self known as all creation.

As I devote more and more time towards my inner exploration I am revealed. And in that revelation I am at a peace. And within peace I can see more clearly. And with this discernment I can more easily track the truth.