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Full Potential

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How Do You Measure Contribution?

Happy New Day! It’s Sunday, 8:19 AM, 2022. Jam 9th.
Waking up to this beautiful new day. Starting my morning routine. Surrounded by animals that just want love.. and some food.

Experiencing my son waking and crying throughout the night and this morning .. and yet I still feel rested. Remembering dreams from last night. Hearing the nature around me. Feeling the anticipation of soccer this morning. Being reminded to create more positive in today’s world through today’s positive contribution.. today’s Daily Full Potential write.

My heart seeks to know how I could make a bigger positive impact on those reading this. How I can touch the soul and plant seeds that can alter the course of a life in a more positive direction. What is it that they (YOU) haven’t already heard. Or need to hear again? What is it that can make all the difference in someone’s life with the limited time they have in these few moments, where I was able to connect and their attention was on these words instead of anywhere else they could be?

How can we penetrate through the layers of programming, conditioning and story telling that goes on within a person’s mind and actually assist them, enable them, empower them to empower themselves and do the things that maybe before were unthinkable? What new standards, what new routine, what new words may embed and become part of the psyche that weren’t there before? That now, with these words , with this intention, with these moments .. passing on something vital and helpful and encouraging and inspiring and uplifting and capable of changing them for the better?

How can a person form words in a such a way, that the construction itself shifts consciousness? Evolves the point forward? Leads to new heights and greater awakening? A noble path? a Purposeful path? A radiant and alive path? How can words, simple words on paper or in a screen .. shift the consciousness sufficiently to say that a positive contribution has been made? How do we measure contribution? Beyond the quantifiable monetary piece.. how do we measure positive impact? How do we measure the positive impact one has made on others or the impact one piece of literature is able to make on a single soul or a multitude of souls? Is intention and care sufficient? Are these words sufficient? AM I sufficient? What does my life become when I’m doing these works? When I’m writing from my heart. When I feel the impact has been made – the words have landed. A person is moved into positive change. They were lifted by my intent and my action. Imprinted by something I made int his moment, in a positive way.

What does that do for me? Why do I do it? Why do I care? How is it possible to care so much that nothing else matters in this moment except to make this positive impact?