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Full Potential

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Have a Morning Practice that Can Lift You Out of Anything

Good morning Full Potentialites

It’s another beautiful day to be alive
As I sit here and write this. I am thankful to breathe. To have clean water. A healthy body that moves. To be able to write and share positive energy with the click of a button.

Last night had its challenges with my son Zen crying and keeping us up, and I will definitely be taking a nap today. But thankfully due to my morning routine I am able to get up and go and get into a positive zone very quickly

And that’s part of why I am writing you today, my morning routine leads me here to share a positive dose with you. Like a daily vitamin for your mind.

I don’t always know what’s going to come through and that’s what makes it interesting, even for myself. Sometimes I receive the intuitive hit of what I am meant to reflect on and share first thing when I wake up but today it’s more about reflecting on the track that takes me here.

That with the right routine, the right personal system, you can get out of any funk very quickly. It’s not like I don’t experience any negative thoughts or emotions, it’s just I have a very empowering practice that lifts me out of them quickly.

In fact it’s not just a lack of sleep I feel like I overcame this morning to jump start my routine but also feeling some heavier heart emotions around those I love dearly.

My mom’s husband is having some serious health issues and I can feel her depths. Rebekah Joy is in the states until the 16th and we have been navigating how to love and go deeper while I also maintain a love with Zenith the mother my child, and we all live in the same village together. And Zenith is connecting regularly with a new friend and it’s bringing up emotions for me as well.

The point here is that I am experiencing all the human things, and wherever my heart feels deeply connect I experience the emotional depths with that person as well.

All the more reason for a morning practice that helps me to feel more in control of my life and able to quickly renew, regroup, recharge and refocus where and how it will best serve me.
Without that I feel I would not have the same level of focus and discipline.

This trains my self, my body and my mind to overcome my resistance and DO what ultimately I know will bring me into higher states.

So to summarize today’s post:

  • If you haven’t already: create a morning practice
  • Put it somewhere you can see it visibly every day
  • You don’t have to do all of it each day but if you feel your focus wandering or you need to boost yourself, shift to the practice you constructed and start working through it

In this way you take charge of your life and create something you can turn to no matter what challenges you are facing.. that will make it easier to elevate your state and see it from a new perspective

I’d love if you want to share your practice or how you incorporate it into your life in creative and fun ways.

That’s it for now. Make today beautiful!