Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Your Choices Become Your Frequency

Whether you choose to doubt or believe in yourself and what you’re capable of.. it’s all a choice.
The choice to believe in yourself and your ideas leads you down a path that empowers you to realize your potential. Whereas the path of doubt is also self-fulfilling, but in the opposite way.

When you believe – you’ll dream big.
When you doubt – you’ll keep your dreams small.
Choose to dream big.

When you believe – you’ll be open to learn more.
When you doubt – you’ll be closed.
Choose to grow.

When you believe – you’ll take action.
When you doubt – you’ll forever hesitate.
Choose to take empowered action.

When you believe, you’ll feel supported
When you doubt – you’ll feel alone
Choose to feel supported.

When you believe, you’ll help others realize their potential
When you doubt, you’ll see others as incompetent.
Choose the path of seeing other’s potential.

When you believe, you’ll see the upside
When you doubt, you’ll see the downside
Take the path of being optimistic.

When you believe, your heart will be more open
When you doubt, your heart may be closed.
Choose the path of greater love

Yes there are times you might be wrong. You might feel hurt. You might experience betrayal. Failure. Sadness from trusting in the wrong person or wrong thing. And that’s okay. As long as you keep believing in a better future and that all setbacks are TEMPORARY. You’ll keep failing forward. You’ll keep rising. You’ll keep clearing away any bad karma. You’ll keep elevating your frequency and experience a new and better reality because you don’t let anything or anyone dim your potential for greatness.

Just stay on the path of believing in yourself, in something greater, in higher frequencies and you’ll get there- because you attract what you are.