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Full Potential

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Create the Optimum Environment

Good Afternoon Full Potentialites. It’s a rainy day here in the Chirripo mountain area of Costa Rica.
One of the main reasons why I remember to post here on a regular basis is that it’s part of my habit tracking endeavors.

Having goals and plans is nice, but being continually reminded of their existence is what pounds it into your subconscious and makes it a habit. Design your environment so you are reminded to do what you want to do AND makes it’s very easy to do.

Imagine if instead of being surrounded by distraction or temptation, the things you wanted to do were right in front of you most of the time. Who do you want to be? What things do you value? What are your action steps? Where do you store these things? How do you make them more visible?

Taking just a few minutes to think consciously about how to design your environment and setting it up in the right way is an incredibly important hack for your mind. How often do you see the same wall, same door, same window? If you can use your physical environment to cue and remind you of what you really want to do.. and have everything setup so that its very easy to slide into position .. whether that’s writing a book, doing a work out or eating healthier.. imagine your ideals and then inform your subconscious through consciously optimizing your environment.