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Full Potential

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6 Ways to Focus & Fullfillment by Planning Ahead and Reducing Distractions.

Good morning Full Potential fans. It’s a new day here in Chirripo, Costa Rica. Starting my day out with my morning routine which includes this new post!

One thing I’ve realized in moving in a strong way in the morning is how important it is to CUT OUT the things that might distract me or make my day feel less directed. Instant messages and messages in general are the first and fastest way to route your day.

Prepare your day in advance with a focus sheet (which I’ve shared in a previous post) but basically just organize the flow of your day first.. including your morning rituals and leave messages for the end.

Also any unplanned meetings or interruptions don’t handle them when they come up, ask if they can wait and move them to the end of your day’s pipeline. Not only will you feel more at peace, but you’ll also feel a sense of power and momentum as you move through your day the way you designed it rather than with the randomness and distractions that can take you off course and make you wonder ‘where did the time go?!”

So what does this look like?

  1. First thing upon waking, have a sheet of paper, a clip board and pen by your bed. Write down any dreams you may have
  2. Write down any concerns you may have for your day. This will relieve any anxiousness about checking your phone etc. and make your real concerns more conscious
  3. Organize the flow of your day with one action leading to the next. What does the flow of your day’s actions look like?
  4. As you start completing things, cross them out and circle the next thing you’re going to focus on.
  5. Move any messaging to the end of this flow, knowing you’ll get to it when you complete everything else on your list, or only start checking messages at a certain time.
  6. If someone comes to your door or house or whatever, just kindly ask them if it can wait and give them a rough estimate on when you’ll get back to them based on your flow. Schedule a time if its important. And of course if its a TRUE emergency you’ll have to handle it right at that moment and then go back to your flow.

Choose to adapt this approach in any way you see fit. The important thing is that you feel in control of your life and your destiny. And the easiest way to do this is not by adding more things to your life, but by adding more structure. And the most important thing about this structure is the clarity of what you want to focus on and the moving any distractions or interruptions to the back of your flow.

I hope you found this helpful! Let me know what changes or improvements you would make to this process. And may you be happy and fulfilled as you put this into practice!