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Full Potential

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Create First Thing In The Morning

A beautiful new day. The sun is out. I will go meditate by the river. Just played the guitar and recorded a song.. you can watch it here. https://youtu.be/gnzeu5mDd4I

My new focus is to focus on creation first thing in the morning, not just the normal routine. So I will play the guitar, record a video, write a post like this and create some art.

I used to focus on doing my routine first thing in the morning.. but as you can imagine it got kind of routine đŸ˜‰ .. and so focusing on creation first thing in the morning is my new inspiration.. then I can shift gears to my rituals such as meditation, exercise, reading, journaling, free writing etc. green smoothies, responding to messages, following up projects etc.

I realize that my capacity to create is at its highest first thing in the morning after a good night’s sleep and I have finally after 38 years of being on this planet, made the adjustment to start creation before rituals, then do rituals and then finally any of the more administrative follow up work I need to do I’ll do later in the day.

This feels good. I feel like I am experiencing a breakthrough of some kind. I hope that you find the best time of day to be a creator and let whatever expression you want, to come out. For example when I did the video this morning I just decided to do it ‘messy’ .. it was more important to just get something recorded and out than to make it perfect. I will refine over time as I do it. I don’t really care about the views or subscribers at this point, just the production.

In fact there was a study done on quantity versus quality, one group was scored on the quantity of work they produced and another on the quality.. those who produced more work eventually got better than those who were trying to make it perfect the first time around.

There was another study done on the decisions of executives, by simply making more decisions, the executives outperformed those who were trying to make the right decisions. By making lots of decisions you can also correct many decisions quickly.

It turns out by falling forwards, doing a high quantity of work or making a high quantity of decisions allows you to get something out that you can now refine. Not only from your own perception of it, but you’ll now have the benefit of outside feedback as well.

So get started in the morning and create something! Don’t be afraid to release it to the world and refine it over time.