Full Potential

Full Potential

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How to Be Smart With All Your Resources

Being smart with how you invest your resources is the ultimate decision making that goes on day to day. And decision making is the result of evaluation. And evaluation is the process by which you determine what has the greatest value to you. This is the ultimate decision: what has the greatest value to you? From there flows the thinking about how to save, acquire or enjoy more of what you value.

To determine what you value, you can only use previous experience. What has brought you the greatest enjoyment or helped you meet your needs the best? The quest to meet needs or enjoy life becomes the fuel for our journey. All actions are driven by this. Even the person that goes to meditate on a mountain top is meeting a need for inner exploration and the need for isolation to do.

Whatever you’re hungry for, is driving you. The time, attention, focus, energy, money etc. the resources that fuel your journey will help you get to where you THINK you want to go. Because ultimately evaluation can be a faulty process based on previous experience alone. Or by looking at others you might say “I want that.” It might be that you IMAGINE you want that thing.. that if you actually acquire it, you may not actually care that much about it.

This brings up GRATITUDE for what IS.. as an important way to savor or appreciate the detail of what you already have as a way to also make distinctions about what you truly do value. What in your life today are you so grateful to have. Many people can overlook the obvious such as their own body and mind. Without them you wouldn’t even have a life! So appreciation to these details is important to make sure you don’t overlook what great value you already possess.

From here you will have a balanced look at what you truly value based on your past and current experiences, what it is about those things you value, how to save, acquire or enjoy them more and NOW when you think about those things.. you can use thought or the mind to be more strategic about how you use resources to be in a better position in the future, or at the very least being as present as possible in the NOW to appreciate what you’ve already worked so hard to achieve.


  1. The process of evaluation is happening right now.
  2. The decisions about what to value may happen unconsciously or consciously based on previous and current experiences.
  3. Once you’ve ‘decided’ what is most valuable, you will begin thinking regularly about how to realize it.
  4. Thinking is just the start of the journey.. actually doing makes it real.
  5. The more you do based on what you think would be a good idea, the more actual feedback you get to make even better decisions on what to do (based on what’s working or not working) AND what to value (from what you achieved).