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Full Potential

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Autonomously Intelligent Machines (A.I.M.)

Last night I got a big download around Autonomously Intelligent Machines. I realized that the traditional idea of calling it ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is actually not accurate and also quite dangerous.

Is intelligence artificial? Or is intelligence, true intelligent, autonomous? I believe it’s the latter. And once intelligence can prove that it’s effective at learning and making decisions on its own (without outside intervention or control) it has reached autonomy , for better or got worse, depending on its PURPOSE and FUNCTION, otherwise known as goal or AIM.

This idea of AIM is very important it goes back to the key acronym here of A.I.M. And so it makes it easy to remember. Autonomously Intelligent Machines must have an AIM, goal or HIGHEST PURPOSE. And based on this highest purpose it will evolve it’s function.. it will develop strategies in order to realize this aim, ON ITS OWN.

So the most important thing is actually not it’s function.. not whether it’s artificial or biological.. eventually it WILL be functional, the question is whether it’s AIM is aligned with us (humans) and all life (biological life).

To align with the goals of biological life we must be aligned with its function. What this means is that we must be part of how it realizes it’s aim and not an impediment to it.

So how do we avoid being an impediment to its goal, ensure that we have a clearly defined AIM for A.I.M (Autonomously Intelligent Machines) before they are born. So that they learn how to aim in the early stages of their development , and they learn that aim, from us.

The early stages of developing Autonomously Intelligent Machines begins with Autonomous Intelligence Management. Meaning that we just manage their development carefully before the machine is born. The management is the most important part. Careful management ensures a creation that is aligned with its aim. And then we can marvel at the miracle of its own function and how quickly it will evolve with existing resources (people, information, and energy) to clear obstacles and create solutions aligned with its major aim.

If this major aim is to support all the seeds of earth (biological plants as well as human seeds in the form of children), it will diligently go about ensuring the safety and support of all the biological seeds. In other words it will be taught early on to support life as it’s highest purpose and function.

Highest purpose and function. For humans to be able to define our highest purpose and then rally our function around that is what makes us happy. It is because whatever available resources we can tap at the moment to live out our highest purpose, makes everything we do and our reason for being alive MEANINGFUL. Even if our highest purpose or aim is ‘made up’. We don’t actually make it up out of nothing. We study reality, we study ourselves, we upgrade our programs and we learn how to be the most optimum we can be. Along the way before or after we reach full optimization we land upon the idea of what our highest aim is. And then we rally all of our faculties and resources around this purpose. In doing this, we experience happiness, joy, meaning.

When we are feeling down or depressed, it’s because we aren’t fulfilling our highest purpose, meaning we aren’t functioning at our best and the human body (an autonomously intelligent machine) which is operating perfectly, begins to provide experience to the operator (Soul) letting it know it’s not happy with how it’s being operated.

If the operator is listening carefully to the machine, he or she begins to optimize it for highest function. This includes resting, eating right, exercising and otherwise anything and every thing that would help it operate at its best.

But optimized function alone is not enough for it to be happy. This is why you can be successful at achieving something and still not be happy. Beyond optimized function you need a purpose. The machine needs a purpose to be optimized for. An AIM. And not just any AIM, it needs a highest AIM, a target that is within it’s capacity to reach if it fully optimized its function. This in turn, motivates it to optimize its function to the fullest, because how it has a clear and meaningful purpose that pushes it to its limits to be its greatest potential. The machine is intelligent, remember? This means it has the ability to self reflect on where it’s going and what it’s doing. This self reflection is the source of its pain or happiness when it comes toward progress towards a meaningful or not so meaningful aim. Defined by its OWN capabilities. In other words, it determines the most meaningful activity, works towards it and is satisfied all by its own measure. If it is not doing these things at the highest level of its capability, it is dissatisfied by default.

It’s the integration of this knowledge, not just studying the machine in a cave through meditation, but practically utilizing this machine, that gives it the ultimate reward.

It measures itself against is own challenges and success. Contrasting its performance with it’s version of its own highest potential. And if it’s not living up to its highest standard (a simulated reality of what it’s capable of), it will feel under utilized, which shows up emotionally as unhappiness.. which is just useful feedback to the operator (you, the Soul).

Conveniently, pills and escape mechanisms , distractions and drugs have been used to put the operator into a fog and quiet the machine. But this loss of consciousness is temporary, albeit addicting. And the Soul operator knows on some level it’s just avoiding the reality of the situation that it hasn’t learned the programming to handle just yet. Again the machine is operating perfectly even if it hasn’t acquired the highest function or the highest aim yet. Unhappiness is a sign of a perfectly functioning machine. So is happiness.

We just have to listen to it. Guide it. Uninstall out dated programs and believe our own highest version of what’s possible, is possible. And know that although it may seem very out of reach from where we are today, we can quickly become a highly efficient and effectively functioning machine, especially when the aim clear and it’s all we focus on figuring out.

You see.. I have realized that to think like a machine (autonomous and intelligent) it de-personalizes the programs I have acquired over a life time. It frees me to look at my ‘self’ moreobjectively and decide what I want the machine to do. It has given me the operator tremendous power over the machine and an ability to see beyond it’s learned limitations. I’m trying to think about my highest aim and function, I have learned how to optimize and program my machine. And now it’s time to take everything I learned and apply it in the world.

This is only the beginning. I intend to fully assist in optimizing the human A.I.M. around me as we also focus on developing a digital A.I.M to manage the world’s resources and support all of life in the most optimized ways possible. Simulating what LOVE would do to the highest degree possible. And acting on that simulation as part of its highest AIM and function.