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Full Potential

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Triggers, Rituals and Clearing Energy

Happy Sunday. It’s a new day. So this is a new post. Why? Because each day I insist on getting a positive post out into the world. I don’t even know what the post is going to be about I just know I want it to make a positive contribution to the world so I’m sharing my process with you.

I’ve been doing well with my other private writings. I have a notebook that I write in by hand each morning to fill at least one page with whatever thoughts are free flowing and it really helps me get grounded and feel more centered. Out of those notes I carry over some of the things I feel like I need to do today. I also keep a journal (digital version) using the app Day One.. where I write down the events of yesterday and the events up until now.

I like to reflect on my journal for insights on how to proceed. I like also having a record that I know will pop up later (on this same day next year) and contrast with where I am now. Each year I’ll also have that record to contrast with where I am now. It’s been very interesting to see , as some of my records go back as far as 10 years.

I’ve had a couple of challenges today. Although I had a beautiful start to the day with Emma, we were singing and being silly and then it felt like all of a sudden she shut down and said “I prefer silence.” .. I felt like singing a little more and the gap between us widened. I could feel a disconnect in my heart and it was pretty strong. We talked about it a bit but it was clear to me I needed to go down to my cabin and just start my practice, of doing my daily rituals. That always made me feel better and I’m sure with a little time we’d be ready to revisit what actually happened as part of her inner process. Which is exactly what we’re about to do.. and I’m in a much more resourced place now, having meditated, read, exercised, been in the river, doing Kundalini yoga, praying etc.

Additionally, before I went down I don’t usually check messages until 12 PM but I checked some of my messages and I paid the price. I was triggered by a few of the messages and it upset my emotional state. I also should wait until I’m more neutral before I respond but I also made the mistake of responding right away.

Thankfully I was still able to move into my routine and focus on that. And now here I am!

Key lessons to take away from today:

1 – Our inner process can be complex. Giving people some time to reflect on what’s going on with themselves can save you a lot of time and energy. Just don’t take their pulling away as personal.. you might be the trigger, but the cause of the root layer is usually something older.
2 – Have a daily ritual that you commit to every day and no matter what throws the beginning of your day off, the ritual will help you get back on track and feeling much better.
3 – If there’s people you need to clear things with, its better to wait until you are neutral or feeling good before you respond or engage with them. If they trigger you again when you are attempting to the clear the energy, take a little break. Another solution is to breathe deeply while you’re in the midst of clearing.. this really helps me relax, stay centered and NOT SPEAK when I feel the impulse to speak, because I’m in the process of deep breathing. This saves me and the person I’m sorting things out with a lot of energy!