Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Remembering What You Are

Today’s another beautiful day to be alive.

Everything matters. And love is the most important thing. On the other side of the spectrum, nothing could be further from the highest truth.

The shadow is not so much a thing as the absence of a thing (light). And light is all there is. And so love, the highest vibration, is the highest point of all creation.

It’s like love entered a prism and got scattered across a light spectrum as this matrix of reality was created. And we are making our way back as Soul operators of these living vessels, back to love and the original light before it got scattered.

Part of this journey involves going through the curtain of fear. This curtain seems to contain everything inside this illusion of scattered light. And the fear of death, is also part of this curtain.

Whatever prevents you from seeing, or being the purest version of source, is a kind of illusion / distraction. The manifestations we see in this world with this prism of scattered light are broad. Everything from the highest expressions of love to the deepest, darkest, apparent evil.

I say apparent evil because it’s actually just a form of self that appears separate from the original source energy that got scattered into a spectrum. It becomes part of this illusion of separateness. When actually it’s all just ME.

Me being the highest self that seems to know or remember at the highest level and seems to forget and believe in separateness at the lowest level.

Remember at the lowest level of the spectrum, NOTHING, couldn’t be further from the truth.

This idea that there is no right or wrong and nothing matters is incomplete. And paradoxically tries to establish a ‘right’ view about there being no right. And matter, in a view that says nothing matters. This nihilistic view hints at its own falseness.

On the contrary, EVERYTHING matters, and love is the most important thing. Once this point is truly driven home to the deepest layers of our consciousness , again and again.. we may begin to remember our original truth. A truth that has a higher ‘right’ than peering into the darkness, the nothingness and saying there is some truth there.

It is true that the absence of light appears to exist, but that the highest truth is that it only appears to exists that way because it has ‘fallen away’ from the highest vibration. And it only appears separate when we are disconnected from the connection that unites ME with all the parts of me.

This spectrum of separation in this time and space is what allows us to move towards our true self. To unit the separate pieces. To remember that we were one and have forgotten we still are.

It’s a nice game we play with ourself. But it’s never too late to re-member. And once we do start remembering, we need to be prepared to cross the curtain of fear, for its the only thing containing us from refunding ourself and unifying with all our aspects.

If the curtain didn’t exist we would have already pierced the veil. There would be no resistance to exploring and refinding ourself. The quiet urge to feel part of something bigger, because we are bigger, would have already lead us to the highest truth and there would be no need for this post.

So it is only the fear that contains us, keeps us separate and slows us down from finding the truth. The fear is useful in the sense that it keeps the individual parts safe, but it’s a hinderance in the sense that it also keeps the individual parts separate.

Only through the willingness to die, and the faith that you die to something greater, can you expect to fully clear this curtain.

If you love the individual existence more than the idea of unifying, you will find a way to preserve it. In other words, love of the smaller self will enable you to remain separate for as long as you wish. Love is a graceful teacher, and will nudge you back to your highest truth through the variety of experiences you are having IF you pay attention to all the subtle signs and cues.

After all, the joy of rediscovering love and unity is the reason why you started this journey out and back to yourself in the first place.