Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

The Operator, Analyzer and Editor

Note: Refer to the Autonomous Intelligent Machine post for this to make more sense.

You are the OPERATOR of an intelligent machine.

This intelligent machine is analyzing a vast flow of information and trying to make sense of it, that’s the ANALYZER.

And then there’s the function of editing out what doesn’t make sense and organizing or refining what does, that’s the role of the EDITOR.

The Operator could be seen as your soul, or awareness.

The Analyzer as raw intelligence.

The Operator is more than intelligence, it is the Soul awareness of the machine and intelligence. The Intelligence that seems to run on its own is the ANALYZER, taking in the vast flow of information and trying to make sense of it. The analyzer is the subtle voice that you might hear inside your head nearly all the time. When you’re mindful you can hear it and redirect it. Directing the brain’s analysis consciously is where the EDITOR COMES IN.

Editing is the process of the Operator and Analyzer working together to clean up the system.

The Editing process determines which programs are most useful to the machine, optimize those programs and not give much attention to anything else.

Knowing that you are an operator and you have the ability to program your own machine gives you an incredible amount of freedom and responsibility.

It frees you from limiting thinking or beliefs acquired from earlier stages of development. Because you are not those beliefs, you are not the machine and you are under no requirement to maintain them.

The EDITOR is a more conscious effort to direct to the flow of the human mind. To optimize it for the better. To make it more positive and constructive. When you catch yourself thinking or saying something that isn’t in alignment with a clear will or intention, you edit it in real time or note the incongruity and instantly upgrade your thinking in that moment.

Looking at these three aspects of experience independently, can create a lot of clarity.

For example it may humble you to realize each Operator is given a different intelligent machine to operate, but is inherently all the same Soul awareness.

Looking at the machine from a more objective perspective helps you remove yourself from over-identification with it.

Becoming identified can trap you into limiting thinking or fool you into believing you don’t have control. When in fact, as operator you can rewrite the entire operating system if you want and explore the virtually unlimited potential of your machine.

I suggest you explore these three aspects of being within your own mind today and see how they can help you Zoom out from everyday thinking, see the intelligent machine more clearly what it is and then actively get to work making the edits (or entire program rewrites) that will enable you to optimize your intelligent machine for anything it AIMs for.

My only concern is this: May your aims be clearly guided by love and by your heart so that intelligence is utilized for creation, compassion and connection rather than deception, delusion and destruction.

Again you can check out an earlier post on the A.I.M. for even more on this topic.

Have a great day, and may you operate your intelligent machine to be the best it can be!