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What’s The Benefit of Planning?

Hello Full Potential beings, Happy New Day!

It’s about to be Happy New Year according to this man-made time cycle we call a calendar.

It feels good to be alive another day. We have plans to celebrate on the beach today with friends from the mountain and I am excited about that.

Each day I start with a fresh new sheet of paper and from the blank canvas start crafting what feels like ideal day. See my earlier post on how I use a focus sheet and organize it in morning, afternoon and evening.

What is the benefit of planning?

What if I just let my day go.. and just flow? And had no plans and no direction.

At times I have done this before.. especially when I have been at a festival or when I have been sick and didn’t feel like doing much.

When there’s already a structure in place I find it easier to go with the flow. And in festival environment for example I know it’s hard to predict who you will run into, and so serendipity plays a bigger role.

And when I don’t feel like doing anything, rest is the primary goal.

But on a day when I feel very capable, and there is no event structure .. planning just helps me feel like I am hitting all the bases. Everything I need to do for the realization of my full potential in all the major areas of life.

Physically: I get stronger when I do my routine.

Mental: I grow and feel like I am learning a new skill or gaining knowledge that helps me refine my perception.

Spiritually: I make room for meditation, clarity and alignment with source.

Emotionally: I feel a sense of accomplishment and victory in completing things I set out to do in the day. And feel the benefits of love & connection by actually scheduling quality time with family and friends.

Socially: I feel a sense of clarity in who I will be connecting with in the day rather than leaving it to random chance.

Financially: I feel more clarity making time to review important reports, follow them up or investing in areas that are important to me and the business.

Environment: I have positioned myself in an environment where I can thrive and sometimes feel called to travel and explore .. this is part of planning as well.

Overall I feel like it turns my day into a bit of a game with objectives and checkboxes to clear out. I know it releases dopamine with every task or goal accomplished. And so it gives me some mental clarity to design my day. Plus when these days are aligned with accomplishing something bigger for the week or month or year and beyond.. my actions are also part of a bigger strategy or plan.

We only have a finite amount of time, planning ensures we use this time wisely for maximum impact.

Key Takeaways:

– Take some time to plan your day in the morning or night before. If you can plan with a partner or friend even better.

– It feels good to set things up that you can accomplish during your day, week and beyond.

– Schedule time for fun things and quality time so you are creating a journey you will enjoy along the way.

– Remember the importance of time for connections and love.. at the end of your life you will be grateful for these the most.

That’s it for today. I hope your year end plans are going amazing and you are getting clear on how you want to design the year ahead. May you find greater peace, joy, love, fulfillment and happiness in the life that awaits you.

Have a wonderful day and see you soon!