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Full Potential

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Solving Our Individual Problems at the Collective Level!

Hello Full Potential beings and good morning! Another beautiful day starting off on the right track.

From making love. To exercising and affirmations to going down to the river and doing Kundalini yoga. To structuring and planning our day. Feeling like we are in a great flow!

As part of that flow I wanted to make sure to get this blog post off to you today.. as I see that this site is growing.. both in terms of number of visitors and the number of views. That means more and more people are finding this site valuable and some people just might be looking forward to it every day. Just the thought of that makes me smile.

We can focus on what’s wrong with the world or what’s going right in our lives. We can be part of a problem or part of a solution. We can accomplish far more together than we ever could alone. Any challenge you can think of is more likely to be resolved with the more people and qualified people you have looking at it.

This is what I woke up with today. Feeling the importance of having crowdsourced solutions around solving problems, spreading solutions and investing together to make them happen.

Plus enhancing our abilities with both training and use of technology.

Make a list of the challenges you have in your life right now. Perhaps challenges you’ve been working on for quite some time. What on this list can you personally solve? And what on this list is better off solved by others? How can you engage the help of others or a pool of talent to help you solve these challenges?

I bet you’ll find that many of the challenges we all face are overlapping. And if we can all share our challenges and reach out across the board to solve them together we will ALL be better off together.

It’s like trying to solve large puzzle and not knowing where all the pieces are. But through teaming up with others who have other pieces, we can all solve it together.

The world is a large puzzle piece. People may think that their problems are unique to them. And that only they can solve them. But what if the problems of the world are just one big puzzle for all of us to solve.

We might have fallen for the illusion to live in this individual clusters called family and try to bring in resources to our individual bank accounts to solve our individual problems. But what if that’s the problem – we aren’t seeing the bigger picture. We aren’t solving problems on a collective or systemic level. And so all we see is our individual problems. And that’s all everyone else sees. And that to solve our individual problems – we must shift perspective to the bigger picture. And come together to solve everyone’s problems together. What if that’s the BEST way to solve our individual problems? And what if it can be far more enjoyable doing that together?

What if love and harmony aren’t just pleasantries that we engage in after we’ve solved our needs for survival on our own, but a per-requisite for meeting our survival needs?

Some interesting things to reflect on today. I see my role as being someone who helps unite the collective and brings about the collective puzzle pieces, the gifts and strengths unique to each one of us, that are vital to solving the bigger puzzle. I invite you to consider what your pieces are and what you might need to help bring more of your gifts to the bigger global game.

I invite you to see how you can play in this game and also let me know how I can assist you in participating in solving the ‘great’ challenges of the world. It would be my honor to play that game with you and solve it from the highest level we all can. I believe in doing so, my life will be an even more enjoyable ride than it’s already been. And I believe your life will be too!