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Happy New Year – What Changes Will You Make? Try Less Screen Time ;)

Happy New Year! According to the Gregorian Calendar that is.

In case you’re interested in the history of calendars and how this whole business of tracking time started you can do a little search on Wikipedia or here: https://www.calendar.com/history-of-the-calendar/

Today we are starting with an Indian Feast.

Last night for the first time I didn’t even bother to stay up for midnight and change of the calendar year. I slept, and slept well.

The night before we celebrated the end of the year on the beach in one of the most beautiful camping spots I have ever been to. We had fire, we had sand, we had ocean, we had moon light. We had CAVES. And we had mushrooms.

I sang and chanted. I danced. I walked. I meditated. I connected. And I became much more clear headed.

Especially because I didn’t have my phone on me for the entire time. I left it at home .. accidentally. But it revealed to me a couple of things. 1. How easy it is to be conditioned by my phone. 2. How much clearer I feel without it.

So for this year I intend to radically restructure my life to be less on screens. To be less available. To feel less obligated to respond. To become more centered and ALL HERE wherever I am.

And to that end.. it’s time to go eat the Indian food we brought for New Years feast. And I just want this post to be a placeholder for you to reflect on your last year and think about any major changes you’d like to make. Perhaps you can post in the comments below and share them with us.

Key points:

1 – Reflect on last year.. discuss with someone you care about

2 – What changes will you make this year

3 – What new beliefs would you need to have that would ENSURE you will carry out your intentions?