Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Using Intuition to Navigate Feelings, Desire and Right Action

It’s a new day. Happy December 3rd.

Been going through a lot both personally and in relationships. Feeling a lot of energy around feeling and resistance versus acceptance. I’m in a partnership where I feel she’s more resistant to us go deeper, but yet we both have the same desire. And she might say that I’m the one that’s more resistant. So there’s been a bit of a deadlock in terms of going deeper into our feelings together. And that just amplifies the desire even more. So what to do?

Our life is unfolding like a real life movie. We have sought some coaching and have had some really wonderful people working through this with us. This is in addition to the fact that the mother of my child is here now and we also have a deep connection and that deep connection, though it has been very respectful and innocent, creates a deep and primal fear in my partner.

Thank goodness I use my intuition to navigate this otherwise I would be at a total loss, as many of these feelings don’t make sense to me at times and what seems to be the right course of action can change from moment to moment depending on how I’m feeling.

Right now I’m using as much discernment as I can to navigate the desires I have. To take the course of action that feels most aligned with my truth and be as open and in the light with my communication as possible.

You may have noticed the nature of my posts has changed a bit.. I have been sharing a lot of wisdom without context and I would like to bring more of my own life story (which is vulnerable to me) to the forefront to share how I’m utilizing this wisdom in my every day real life challenges as well.

I believe we all share very similar feelings, we are all collectively working through these energies, we are just in different conditions. So thank you for the work you’re doing to work through these energies, I’ll continue to update you on my progress as life unfolds. And hopefully my journey and openness can help you in your own personal struggles as well.

Sometimes I think I need to just share the facts, or present myself in a certain light but I’m getting back to realization that feel my path is to be as real as possible and share the journey WITH YOU.