Full Potential

Full Potential

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From Resistance to Reward

Resistance is often the result of risk
Risk is inevitable in all actions.
All actions have inherent risks.
As we avoid the risks, we resist the reward.
Everyone wants the reward without the risk.
But sometimes you have to take the risk, going through the resistance – to get the reward.

Reducing resistance in order to get to the reward is simply a matter of managing risk and amplifying the reward. The less risk in order to realize the reward, the less resistance, the greater the likelihood of taking action.

How you manage the risk is through gathering more data, back testing decision making and finding examples of strategies that have worked in the past to do something similar to what you want to do. This saves time and cost and accelerates the arrival of an outcome. There is no failure, only feedback that helps you optimize your response to realizing the rewards you seek.