Full Potential

Full Potential

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How to Create a Profitable and Purposeful Life. Now and When AI Takes Over Money (Video)


Hey guys, today’s positive morning share is just flowing. Coming through what I learned today, what’s flowing through very simple here is, we’re going to talk about money. 

First of all, the state of your finances is really just the state of your beliefs and then what you want to look at. Is being able to feel deserving and valuable, of great resources in your life? And think about, what you might do with those things? So that you can really imagine. An anchor to this idea, that you are deserving, because of what you’ll do with those things and from here. We’ll talk about what makes great company really is three things. I’m go to go through these quickly, is basically profit. 

Now, you may have heard of net profit. But one way to look at this, is net-free cash flow. That’s after all expenses and not just profit going back into the business but free cash flow that you could actually utilize, into what you want to create in your life beyond just the business. 

So, you’re taking money out, from the business and creating your “why”. So this is your big “Why” and this is one of your house and in terms of how you get there. This is this, whatever this vehicle is–it could be a job, it could be a company–whatever it is. But again, looking at your results, it’s based on your beliefs, or what you believe the best vehicle is for you.

And then, if we look at what makes a really successful company, we can look at this across the board with companies that are doing the best. It’s PE, profit to earnings ratio, this is for stocks. So like, if a company is doing 1000 a year and as a PDF 100 times it’d be a 1 million valuation. That’s an example and then the next thing here is, return on capital. So, what are they actually doing with those profits? How are they recycling those back into the business, to make more profit? And what else did I learn today? Automation, Intelligence, Data, Decision.

Doing construction here today. So, I’m doing this video on the fly, just to get something done and see what the production quality is like and what ideas want to come through and I have a lot to share, and a lot more to do and a lot more to love myself, in the process. So that I can set up the best environment possible, because as you can see, we’re working on stuff out here bathrooms and showers. We’ve got zone going up, we’ve got this kitchen that they’re working on right now. 

There are village lettuce! Looking great. Looking great. So, got more going on here. We’ve got on a fire pit over there. We could on the house. Here, where Zan and Senator going to be staying in lots of cool things happening. U-Haul, creating the vision and optimizing cash flow. To create more villages and more of a paradise. Globally as we network and create these villages everywhere and we have our own alternative systems of sustainability, because this is what my why is why I’m doing all of this. 

And yes, I might seem like a crazy guy with long hair. But I have the vision and the intelligence and we’re working on optimizing systems. So that, there is automated as possible, getting good data in, so that we can make better decisions. And this is something that we can all do together and collectively, because at the end of the day, there’s going to be this intelligence, this automated intelligence, not just automation and intelligence separately, but an automated intelligence. That is going to be making decisions with all the data that’s available and will literally win, at the game of capitalism and that means money will become obsolete. It’s like the it’s like when nuclear weapons ultimately should make war obsolete because there’s no longer any benefit to war, there’s just pure destruction.

AI is going to make money in trades and everything is going to make capitalism at the very least, it’s going to make capitalism obsolete. Because there won’t be any inefficiencies in markets anymore. It will be running as optimum as beyond humanly possible and so this intelligence will benefit and profit from all the inefficiencies until it becomes the biggest financial mechanism in the world. Where nothing can beat it, nothing. It is 100% efficient and then it will be the distributor of resources because it will have all the resources and so all of this human decision making and data gathering will be summed up into one program that will then be the distributor of resources and decision making. And then ultimately, humans will just be creators, because that’s our ability, is to imagine and to maximize our imaginations and create.

So, we are creators, and we are just rediscovering that fact and all of the inefficiencies of our current everyday lives. Including corruptions and things like that are being routed-out at the very core and so we’re going through a massive transformation in an interesting time. And thanks for listening and being part of this exploration that I’m doing into what’s immediately there and how I can immediately serve and be a positive impact in your life.

Talk to you soon. Bye.