Full Potential

Full Potential

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A Full Body Yes: From Friction to Flow

Check in with each of your individual parts to see where there’s any friction.

Sometimes our mind says yes and the rest of our body says no. Or our mind says no and the rest of our body says yes. If we don’t check into what is a green, yellow or red, we can miss the messages that allow us to experience a more congruent experience.

Congruence between each of the parts allows us to operate in greater harmony. To feel greater peace. Less fear. So even if you really want to do something from the heart.. take the time to council with the fears of your mind and help it understand why you want to do something.

Or if your mind is a yes but your heart is a no.. see if there’s some kind of compromise where both major parts of you can be a yes.

This is just a simple but useful way of looking at the different parts of ourselves to see where there’s any friction or resistance so that ultimately we can relax deeper into loving and appreciating all the parts of ourselves and create greater peace from within.

A full body yes experience is ultimately what you want. And once you have this clarity you can start to align with more of the experiences that are a full body yes. So enjoy this beautiful day and find the conditions that are your personal YES!

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