Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Break Out of Every Box and Create Life the Way You Want It..

Choose who you want to be

The habits you want to take on as part of that identity

The story that you’ll write through experimentation

The points you will make through expression

This life is ultimately creative

If you are exercising your creativity you break out of every box

And when you are free from every container, you can see

See that there is no structure at the frontier of the last boundary

And in that no structure, you write the code. You create the box

You are the culture creator, the purpose maker the meaning machine

Whatever track you put down from here may be followed by others

Until they break out of their own box

Ultimately life is according to what you will it to be

What you create it to be

What you choose it to be

And you are free to create

There are a few ground rules though

1 – Create from love and you will have less karma to move through

2 – Create from fear and you will be reminded that love is the way to go

That’s it.