Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Start Your Morning with Affirmations, Positive Youtube Video & Enjoy This New App for Organizing Your Mind!

Hello beautiful beings. It’s Saturday 9:30 AM, October 1st, 2022 and it’s a glorious time to be alive!

I’m actively completing my daily routine and this post is part of it. Listened to affirmations this morning (sharing video at bottom of this post) .. for positive YT I listened to Joe Dispenza this morning talking about the importance of being aware and making a shift consciously. (Also sharing that video here)

I’m preparing for our trip to Tulum, Mexico today! Excited to be leaving for the next six days. We are looking forward to getting out and getting some beach time away from the rain. I’m a little sad I’ll be leaving the doggies behind (Luna & Sol) and the 5 cats. I’ll be posting some more pictures and videos of our travels soon.

And for today what feels present to me is the importance of keeping your focus on what it’s important to you. A new app I’ve found for that is called TOT

I just love the simplistic execution of this little app. Each dot represents a note you have quick access to. With very simple formatting like bold / italics etc. you can quickly organize your mind and find that information that is relevant NOW.

A metaphor I would use for TOT is it’s like the short term computer RAM for your brain.. and using a different notes app where I plan to have longer term storage is like storing files on a hard drive. I know that might be a bit of a nerdy metaphor but the gist of it is: I love the short term / high relevancy nature of TOT for organizing my mind and making progress on whats important to me.


I basically lead each note with a question at the top and an outcome at the bottom and I do my best to answer that question through the note and through the tasks that I’m completing.

So for example: How do I travel over the next 48 hours in the smoothest way possible? would be my question. And the outcome is: “Emma and I have the greatest time possible in Mexico”

I hope you like the new style of these blog posts including video posts of things I’m enjoying and new apps I’m exploring to maximize my experience of life.

If you’d like to go deeper with me I have a Youtube channel (Full Potential), some Marco Polo sharecasts (pretty cool) and soon an audio stream I’ll be sharing details on. I’m currently organizing assistance to help me get more positive media out in the world. Stay tuned!

And as promised here’s the affirmation video and the morning positive YT I listened to this morning.