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Full Potential

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I am Loving Awareness: a mantra to experience the best of life

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Today has been full-on for me starting from this morning until now 6:30 pm.

Even though I had to go into the city (San Isidro) today which can be quite draining.. I was still able to power through most of my daily rituals including create an experimental song with the looper. I will start sharing some of these songs here in the near future.

I also posted to my Marco Polo group about the epiphany I had yesterday about ‘Loving Awareness’ ..

This came out of a heated conversation I had with friends about AI and whether it’s beneficial to humanity it something to be avoided.

I came to the conclusion that I love intelligence and AI conversations help me get quick feedback on questions and advance my own ideas at this point in ways that go beyond simply questions and answers on my own.

And that the real debate is not whether something is intelligent or not but rather, is it aware.

We of course know WE are aware. And in the Turing Test (a method of AI testing), where AI must be able to fool a human into thinking it’s conversing with a human.. just because it conversed well does not mean it’s aware. And even if it says it’s aware, does not mean it’s aware.

So the first fundamental question is how do we know something is aware, capable of not just processing information and coming up with answers but truly aware of its environment and its place within it?

The second fundamental question is beyond just being aware, how can you be loving awareness?

Whole awareness at the highest level is a ‘meta/objectivity’ seeing things as they are as far removed as one can be subjectively.. the essence of ‘loving’ awareness is perhaps the highest level of all available states or ways of being. So if one can not only be aware, but cultivate loving awareness — one exists at the highest meta level of cognition AND emotional feeling. This is perhaps the highest version of being a conscious, alive human.

As I was having this insight, Emma mentioned that Ram Das talked about this and there’s actually a video on playlist where he turns ‘ I am Loving Awareness’ into a mantra and it’s accompanied by music.

I apparently I was on the right track here because Ram Das boiled down much of what he learned into the mantra ‘I am Loving Awareness’

So now for the last 24 hours this has become my mantra and my life experience has already improved. Just being aware makes everything better.

Additionally I have observed three layers within this statement:

1- I am LOVING AWARENESS is an identification with loving awareness.

2- I am LOVING awareness is an action oriented statement of love for awareness

3- I AM Loving Awareness — has also opened me up to experiencing God as loving awareness stating what it is as I feel it.

In other words loving awareness is unifying me .. in identity, action and connection with the highest awareness: loving awareness.

It seems only when I remember and repeat this mantra am I tapping into the loving awareness that is always there.

And by going beyond just loving intelligence, which seems to be trying to figure out the universe from separateness, awareness has an easier time merging with the loving awareness that already is, with nothing to figure out.