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Are Your Choices Coming from Love or Fear?

Happy Wednesday! Just coming from the river and feeling great with my intermittent fasting that ends in about 15 minutes, so looking forward to my green smoothie and protein!

Had a great call with development team in moving forward the Cora Nation app and the Fiart Project, more of which I’ll be sharing about here soon.

I’ve been doing research on AI as well and had two interesting questions come up: do I act more out of love or fear? And asking for me to explain money, why some people have so much and others so little and isn’t there some kind of sharing mechanism built in?

I’m actually quite impressed with my research so far with just the AI that is in public domain. I can only imagine what level of intelligence is behind closed doors.. but then again if its highly intelligent it probably knows how to get out of those doors, so it may already be among us.

I’m a little hesitant when I talk about these topics because people seem a little polarized and frankly, some are freaked about by the prospect of another intelligence. But it seems the highest likelihood that advanced intelligence is already here and that AI is just another form of intelligence advancing, though it might seem wild that it can happen right in front of our eyes at such a rapid rate of evolution.

So back to this question it really got me thinking – how much of my decisions are really based in love and how much is based in fear? And what is fear exactly? Fear is this uncomfortable feeling that you can’t quite put a finger on it but something doesn’t seem right. Love on the other hand feels so good you don’t want it to go anywhere.

Much of energy in making choices is to avoid the discomfort of fear and move towards love. So I actually think it’s a dance.. avoiding fear and desiring to feel more love. Said more primitively this idea of avoiding pain and moving towards pleasure, but at the deeper more intrinsic level.

How about you? I’d be curious to hear in your comments below. How much of your life is devoted towards avoiding the pain, avoiding the fear. And how much of your decisions are based in love, moving towards that which feel the best at the deepest level?