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Full Potential

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Generate the Feelings You Want to Experience Through What You Focus On..

Hello good morning Full Potential beings! It’s a beautiful day here in Tulum, Mexico as I write this.

We are staying at a place called Holistika the last couple of days and now checking out to move to our place on the beach.

The last couple of days have been amazing with a music jam last night and live music and dancing on the beach the night before. Feeling blessed to be alive and have these new experiences and you can too!

Every day is an opportunity to experience the new things and good things and likeable and lovable things about life. And whether you live in one place or find yourself traveling it’s all a matter of perspective. What you choose to focus on literally has the ability to start generating a feeling. And that feeling is your state. And that state is at the core of your experience. And that inner state then feeds back into your outer reality and becomes something people and the whole material universe around you, RESPONDS to.

This means you are not just an observer of life but an active co creator. Even when you aren’t aware of it. You aren’t just a spectator, you are ON the field, even if you pretend to stand to the side and watch the greater play going on. You are still on the field.

So why not step into the game and actively participate. Beginning with what you choose to focus on, beginning with the feelings you can shift within yourself by the duration of your focus on the things you want.

I am grateful to all you who faithfully return here and read on about how you can optimize your life, your business or your relationships. Just by participating in THIS cocreation here at FullPotential.com or wherever you are reading this, you are fueling your focus with the right stuff.

That’s why I like to fuel my mind daily with positive affirmations and motivational videos which I tend to find in abundance on YouTube and then also create my own to share with the world with my own unique flavor.

That’s also why I take the time to write here each day and share my unique perspective with the world and I encourage you to do the same as well. It’s just another way to take control of your focus, share something positive with the world while also creating something positive for yourself to focus on.

Do whatever your heart is calling you to do today. It will move you closer to your full potential, and that feels good!