Full Potential

Full Potential

Level 10 Your Life

Review 2021 and Get Ready for 2022!

Good morning on this beautiful new day. We are one day away before New Year celebrations begin, at least on this side of the world.

Last night here was a challenge with our son Zen, waking up multiple times through the night and otherwise reminding us how precious our sleep is! Nevertheless I wanted to get this writing out as part of my service and contribution to the world as well as part of accomplishing my daily routine.


Today is a great day to reflect on the year’s past and reorient yourself for the year ahead. Review photos and mark your favorites, review journal entries, notes, files, clean up and reorganize and get clear on what’s relevant still before going into 2021. I like to use the CHAIN acronym for reflection which is: Challenges, Highlights, Accomplishments, Insights and Next Steps.

Consider the challenges you had that you solved and overcome. The challenges you still want to take on.
The Highlights from last year, especially as you review your photos, videos and special moments, really let the appreciation for all the amazing things you experienced sink in.
Then review your Accomplishments and be proud for all that you accomplished over the last year!
Then look at all the Insights you uncovered.. the lessons you learned in just over the last year.


And finally with that reflection what are your Next steps to make the next 365 days something you can look back on and say YES! 2022 was a well designed and executed year .. with the new Challenges I took on, the Highlights I slowed down and was so thankful for, the Accomplishments that make me proud, and Insights in my life that truly helped me grow. Wahoo! May it be so.

And May your your highest version of self shine NOW and going into the next year.
May you be pulled in the direction of your highest and loftiest visions and dreams.
May we co-create a paradise together as we act according to our highest and best selves and experience true fulfillment in as many moments as possible.

Think about what skills you want to acquire over the next year, what new experiences you want to have? What projects do you want to finish? What projects do you want to begin?

So today’s thought is this: from yesterday’s writing about How I See.. did you meditate on it? Today I would like for you to continue to practice how you see. How you see yourself and how you see others. I would like for you to consider how you see your needs, your desires, your motivations, what you want in this world.